Noovis executive, Mike Watts, asked to join team to design and deliver OLAN seminar to industry peers

Michael Watts, vice president of Noovis, was part of a team that designed and delivered a two-day seminar at BICSI Winter 2016, an industry conference that BICSI hosted in Orlando in January. BICSI is a worldwide association for cabling design and installation professionals that strives to provide information, education and knowledge assessment for individuals in the ICT (information and communications technology) community.

More than 50 representatives attended the training and covered technical best practices and hands-on design experience and installation guidelines for architecture, design and power considerations for passive optical LAN implementations. Attendees were eligible for BICSI continuing education credits. The seminar was sponsored by APOLAN (the Association for Passive Optical LAN), a non-profit organization that drives the adoption and education about the advantages of passive optical local area networks.

Seminar attendees learned to design a passive optical LAN that delivers three key benefits not possible with copper-based networks:

  • Simplified network design and management
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Lower capital and operating costs

“Mike is a seasoned veteran with unparalleled experiences when it comes to designing, implementing and managing PON networks. His extensive, hands-on experiences with all aspects of a Fiber Optic Networks covers Outside Plant, Inside Plant for Commercial and Federal clients.” said Tom Napoli, vice president of Noovis. “Noovis was honored to play a critical role in supporting APOLAN’s outreach to colleagues in our industry.”

“The objective of the APOLAN training was to share the association’s knowledge so that our clients and partners are best prepared to support their broadband requirements to include design, implementation and on-going maintenance of a Passive Optical LAN,” explained Napoli.

“We are finally seeing large-scale acceptance of passive optical networks,” said Watts from his Hanover, Maryland office. “Noovis and APOLAN are focused on educating people about the superiority of optical LAN technology. I am happy to be part of that effort.”

Napoli sits on the APOLAN board of directors and Watts serves on the group’s Technology Committee.

“Passive optical LAN is the only viable solution to accommodate the evolving connectivity needs of the enterprise,” said Thomas C. Ruvarac, APOLAN Chairman, in a recent statement.

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