Noovis welcomes Steve Heuber, with 30-plus years of industry experience, to its technical team

Steve Heuber’s graduate-level background in information systems and 30-plus years of experience in network engineering make him an extremely valuable asset.

“We brought Steve Heuber on board because of his renowned expertise in testing and physical network implementation,” said Eric Welty, president of Noovis.  “He’s one of those guys who focuses like nobody’s business when he’s passionate about what he’s doing.”

“I’ve been called a workaholic at times,” Heuber recently admitted in an interview.  “The opportunity to help Noovis grow has me in that mode.  I love the technology and educating clients about it.”

Heuber is new to Noovis and functions as an engineering manager tasked with overseeing several high-profile projects, including standing up the company’s Innovation Lab, which is expected to be operational later this year, according to Heuber.

“The lab is being constructed now,” said Heuber.  “It will serve a dual purpose; as an operational testing ground for clients and partners as well as a more formal marketing showcase for Noovis products and services.  It will provide clients and vendors an opportunity to test technologies and integrate solutions – it’ll be an industry resource.  And, of course, we’ll do interoperability testing of devices that would go on top of a PON network.”

Heuber is well known for FiOS testing with Verizon, where he was first employed in 1983 as a programmer.  Before getting involved with FiOS, he worked in Verizon’s xDSL network division.

“When FiOS crept up, we became the world’s premiere test lab for BPON to the home,” said Heuber.

Eventually the expansion of GPON required a larger lab to test hardware for video head ends, voice and data.

“Actually, eventually, there were three labs – one in Massachusetts and two in Maryland – that formed a fully functional, end-to-end environment that was capable of testing every piece of equipment required to bring GPON to homes,” said Heuber.

After ‘retiring’ from Verizon for one weekend, Heuber went to work at Tellabs and then for a federal contractor supporting JTDI (Joint Technical Data Integration) for the armed services.

“It was rewarding work, but the DOD gig involved a lot of travel and I was ready to stay closer to home,” said Heuber.  “I think it’s just as exciting to lead projects at enterprise, higher education, healthcare, residential and other campus environments.”

Heuber sees adoption of GPON as inevitable, although it may take time.

“I have a 30-year perspective on this stuff.  It took many, many years for Ethernet structures to take hold, but after that technology was established it became entrenched because of the huge capital outlays.  GPON is facing the same challenges, but its superiority will see it through a similar evolution.  Adoption is already happening and will accelerate over time.  When you think about it, Verizon was very pragmatic and took a big risk by doing what it did – installing fiber to millions of homes – but look at it now, they are probably permanently ahead of their competitors,” said Heuber.

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