Erickson Living has been a leader in vibrant senior living for more than 30 years. In 1983, it opened its first continuing care retirement community in Catonsville, Maryland. Since then, Erickson Living has grown to include 18 communities in 10 states. More than 22,000 people across the country currently enjoy the Erickson retirement lifestyle.

Noovis started working with Erickson Living in 2011 in an effort to support its broadband initiatives for its communities.  Erickson Living recognized that residents were becoming more and more tech savvy and wanted to invest in broadband infrastructure to support residents’ networking needs.  At the same time, Erickson Living wanted to support its corporate broadband requirements in an effort to provide premiere services to all that lived, worked and visited an Erickson community.  On average, an Erickson community has 1,500 residents, 16 buildings, 350 staff and approximately 2 square miles.

Because of Noovis’ subject matter expertise and rich history of designing, installing, engineering, testing and supporting fiber optic based campus and local area networks, Erickson is relying on Noovis as a strategic partner for their communities’ broadband requirements.

Noovis is providing turnkey solutions that include: GPON, DAS, Wi-Fi and piloting building automation solutions to include access controls and IP Video Surveillance services.

All totaled, we will be supporting:

  • 6 OLT’s
  • 8000 ONT’s
    • (Motorola and Cisco’s GPON platform)
  • 3 Corning MobileAccess DAS

Noovis is proud to be affiliated with Erickson Living as a strategic partner for their ongoing broadband and network infrastructure requirements.