Noovis joins APOLAN to help promote the Passive Optical LAN industry

Noovis today announced that it joined APOLAN (The Association for Passive Optical LAN), a New-York-City-based industry association composed of manufacturers, distributors, integrators, and consulting companies that are involved in deploying fiber optic-based solutions for local, campus and metro area networks.

“We joined our colleagues to promote a better understanding of, and growth within, our industry,” said Eric Welty, president of Noovis. “APOLAN has a lot of credence not only within our field, but also in the larger business community. Although an all-fiber optic network is the way of the future, it’s still a new concept for many. It’s important that we join other technology companies to help educate the marketplace and advance our shared interests.”

There are some large, well-known companies among APOLAN’s members, including Tellabs, Zhone, TE Connectivity, 3M, Corning, Leidos and IBM.

Throughout their careers, Noovis’ leaders, including Welty, have served in both front-line and senior management positions with some of the passive optical networking industry’s largest and most trusted organizations, according to Welty.

“Noovis brings new thinking – innovation – to the APOLAN consortium,” said Welty.

Noovis joined APOLAN at its highest level of membership, platinum, making Noovis’ officers eligible to hold leadership positions within the organization, according to Thomas C. Ruvarac, an APOLAN founding member who currently serves on APOLAN’s board.

Officer elections will be held at the APOLAN annual meeting, to convene in Orlando in February.

“I’m looking forward to working with the Noovis team in APOLAN,” said Ruvarac.

“We, too, look forward to a more committed and organized means of collaborating with the companies that we do business with. We expect this to be a meaningful federation,” said Welty.