Noovis launches LEED-certified business development team in Denver as part of westward expansion of Optical LAN solutions

Seizing the opportunity to grow in the western United States, Noovis recently welcomed Will Goodwin, a business development professional, to its team.

“Our industry reminds me of a young professional athlete,” said Goodwin from his Lone Tree, Colorado office. “GPON is an impressive young player in his second or third year in the league – a very promising star who has won the support of most fans, and is quickly gaining the respect and admiration of the few remaining old-school skeptics.”

Goodwin works closely with Hal Null of NTS Consulting Group, Inc., a Denver-area Noovis industry partner who was instrumental in helping Noovis deploy an Optical LAN for Erickson Living’s Wind Crest property in Highlands Ranch, Colorado.

“Will is well connected in western markets and has a successful track record providing his clients with energy-efficient solutions for the operation of their buildings. We are excited about adding him to our team, having him collaborate with Hal, and leveraging their business development and operational expertise in the west,” said Tom Napoli, vice president of Noovis. “Denver and other western regions are progressive marketplaces that are well versed in energy efficient solutions. Noovis is excited about working with Will and Hal to bring Fiber Optic technologies to these markets.”

Goodwin’s background in energy efficiency consulting, facility management and infrastructure offers unique perspectives on the Optical LAN industry.

The Technology

“Optical LAN is superior; end of story. It comes with carrier-grade reliability, speed, capacity and security. The added value of energy and operational efficiencies has been a driving force in market adoption. Although wireless is where everything is headed, industry experts recognize that the quickest way to a favorable wireless experience is to get the WAP antenna onto a fiber optic cable. C-level executives get it. Network guys get it. They see the advantages over copper networks. They want it,” said Goodwin.

“I think we are at a tipping point for Optical LAN. Multiple campuses – universities, corporate complexes, senior living – are adopting the technology. They are finding that Optical LAN is giving them a significant competitive advantage. For millennials and baby boomers alike, speed, reliability and security are major decision-making factors. Add to that the ease of use for network administrators and the efficiency of this type of system, and it becomes a much more powerful solution than traditional copper networks with a return on investment that can be quantified and capitalized” said Goodwin.

On Costs

“For new construction it’s a no-brainer,” said Goodwin. “It’s less expensive, easier to install and maintain, longer lasting, and greener. For retrofits, the same benefits apply although reduced life-cycle cost and energy savings top the list. If these factors are taken into consideration on a retrofit scenario, replacing the copper network with an Optical LAN is often as economical as the upgrades that are necessary to keep the traditional copper network in operation. Additionally, IT managers and CIO’s are realizing that to keep up with the demands of today’s market needs, if they don’t do this, their replacements will!”

On Sustainability

“Honestly, the almighty dollar speaks first. Some places will tout sustainability but there is a lot of lip service. The great thing about what we offer is that it comes with real energy savings that translate to significant, quantifiable cost savings,” said Goodwin, who has been LEED AP-certified for eight years.

“There are many value propositions to a fiber-based solution. Capacity of your network and operational efficiencies quickly stand out to the IT organization. Sustainability will provide value to the people who are responsible for the energy consumption of a building. My business development focus will be to demonstrate energy savings strategies that save money on the initial installation, maintenance and operations, along with all the other advantages of an Optical LAN,” confided Goodwin.

On Noovis

“These guys are innovators and pioneers in the Optical LAN – PON space. They are very passionate about the technology and the service we provide. I chose to join Noovis after meeting the team in Maryland and experiencing first-hand the passion, excitement and vision that my colleagues had for the company and its future. Not only is it exciting to be on the forefront of a paradigm shift, but the people and culture within the company make Noovis the place I want to call home and share in the growth,” said Goodwin.