Noovis launches first-of-its-kind application, N²OA, to help their clients manage their metro, campus and local area networks (LANs)

Noovis, a leading fiber optic and wireless network solutions company based in Hanover, Maryland, is setting a new standard for post-implementation support for their network clients. The solution? N²OA (Noovis Network Operations Application), a new internet-based desktop/mobile web app that was launched on June 1.

“For many clients the work is just beginning when they receive the closeout package from their integrator,” said Eric Welty, president of Noovis. “Too often this final documentation lacks standardized test results, a proper network inventory, practical troubleshooting data and appropriately documented end-to-end connectivity.”

N²OA (pronounced Noah), is a solution designed to bridge the gap between the installation and operations modes.

“N²OA enables inventory management and on-going maintenance of both passive and active network elements, seamlessly integrating a client’s optical LAN inventory within a building or across multiple sites with detailed, end-to-end information on each component of the PON. ” explained Welty.

Industry Reviews

Early industry reaction has been largely positive.

“No other integrator in the industry offers this application. It’s this type of professionalism that allows us to rest easy when Noovis deploys our gear,” said Charlie Stone, vice president of North America sales for Tellabs.

“Customers can take advantage of N²OA as a valuable tool to manage their physical infrastructures. We look forward to integrating Zhone’s state-of-the-art network management system with this application,” said Monique Apter, vice president of enterprise sales for Zhone Technologies.

Phil Geraffo, senior director of product management for CommScope, agrees. “Visibility and management of the physical-layer infrastructure is becoming an important requirement for our customers.”

Technical Expertise

N²OA is the result of Noovis’ extensive network engineering, design and implementation experience that includes multi-year statewide fiber to the home (FTTH) rollouts as well as Federal and enterprise fiber to the desktop (FTTD) deployments, according to Welty.

Designed specifically to support network engineers maintaining complex networks, N²OA increases productivity for Noovis’ staff and clients alike by providing savings through better network utilization, driving efficiencies within operations and maintenance processes, and increasing revenue opportunities through market differentiation, according to Welty.

“It was the minimum standard for documenting the carrier-grade networks we’d deploy for any major ILEC and we recognized that there was a need to raise the minimum standards for network documentation in the enterprise space,” explained Mike Watts, vice president of operations for Noovis. “N²OA gives our clients a living system to manage and maintain their networks day to day.”


Going beyond infrastructure connectivity, N²OA also provides engineering teams with a complete picture of network utilization, capturing all spare and active ports throughout the network.

“These details are captured throughout any Noovis-deployed network and are clearly presented in a user-friendly format. This allows any client to determine the active and spare nodes available across a campus with the ability to drill down to their respective locations in any building, floor, and terminal throughout the network,” said Watts.

“The development process for N²OA was extensive and includes direct client input to expedite the value it brings to the market,” said Watts.

Noovis credits Altamium, the software development company that designed N²OA, with bringing this game-changing application to fruition.

“We needed experienced app developers to make this happen within our aggressive timeline,” said Welty. “The advantage we have as a small company with unparalleled experience is our ability to move faster than our competition. Altamium compliments our entrepreneurial spirit and has proven to be a great partner.”