Secure Managed Construction Site WiFi Solutions

Infrastructure as a Service

Managed WiFi & LAN – Enterprise & Government


  • Noovis network engineers will design your network for maximum coverage and capacity for wireless access to your LAN
  • Allows for private/guest networks and managed/blocked access to specific internet sites
  • Integrated into your existing LAN.

Cloud-based support – Provisioning, Monitoring and MAC support

  • Implement with Noovis – or your local cabling contractor
  • Remote support – provisioning, client provided profiles, rules, policies
  • Easy to operate and manage – various support options

Additional Solutions via Noovis Partners

  • VoIP, Physical Security (Camera’s, Access Controls, Secure PON)
  • Passive Optical Network (PON) Subject Matter Expertise


  • Convergence of PON, DAS and Wifi onto one Single Mode Fiber Optic infrastructure