N²OA, or ‘Noah,’ is a web-based app that gives Noovis customers a simple means of monitoring their networks’ operations and maintenance.

The much anticipated Noovis Network Operations Application (N²OA) made its debut on June 1, 2015.

For many clients, the work is just beginning when a complex network deployment is finally complete and they receive the closeout package from their integrator. Too often this final documentation lacks standardized test results, a proper network inventory, practical troubleshooting data and appropriately documented end to end connectivity.

N²OA (affectionately referred to as Noah for its ability to safely navigate clients through the go-live storm) bridges the gap between…

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“We knew they were our best chance for success.” The Noovis Team was called in to deliver a successful GPON deployment for the Air National Guard’s 844th CG department.

Larry Johnson – U.S. Air Force POL
Project Manager , Air National Guard