Air National Guard

Before they joined Noovis, Mike Watts and Eric Welty worked together as Passive Optical LAN (POL) experts for Verizon FNS.  In those roles they spent much of their time championing Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) technology in the federal sector.  The pair had been trying to convince multiple agencies to try building a LAN with fiber optics instead of copper.  Part of their pitch was a projected 50 percent reduction in capital costs.  The truth was, however, that they didn’t get much traction, at least not until a U.S. Air National Guard (ANG) construction project at Joint Base Andrews faced major budget constraints.

“It was explained to us,” recounted Welty, “that when the budget for their copper infrastructure was re-appropriated elsewhere this effectively cut their overall comms budget in half.  We got a call back from the decision makers who made it clear we needed to put up or shut up about the savings.”

They put up.  One month later Verizon FNS was under contract to provide the first secure GPON solution to the federal government.

Although budget constraints led ANG to choose a comprehensive GPON solution, ANG was extremely impressed by the collateral benefits it provided and the Integration team responsible for the deployment.

“They had all the same issues that other end users faced – bandwidth worries, network security requirements, and an accelerated construction schedule,” said Welty.  “We stayed ahead of schedule, exceeded the performance benchmarks and came in under budget.”

In fact, their design proved so efficient and the savings so compelling that they were awarded additional contracts to extend their POL into two adjacent buildings, providing SIPR and NIPR networks to more than 800 of our nation’s finest warfighters.

Our solution came in on-time and under budget.  The profile for this client is as follows:


  • 3 Buildings
  • 800 Users
  • JITC Approved
    • Voice, Data and Video (IP and RF)


  • Budget Contraints
  • Speed to Install


  • Tellabs
    • 1150 OLT
    • 709 ONT (Desktop)
    • 729 ONT (WAPS)
  • ADC (TE Connectivity) Rapid Fiber
    • Zone Cabling
      • Hubs and Terminals
    • Network Integrity
      • Secure Passive Optical LAN
        • Interceptor