Captain’s Cove Fiber to the Home Award

On behalf of the Captain’s Cove Golf & Yacht Club, Inc., Board of Directors, I’m pleased to announce that the board has approved a Motion to enter into exclusive negotiations with Broadband Connect, LLC. In response to the CCGYC Request for Proposal presented on March 18th, 2019, Broadband Connect presented the Board of Directors with a proposal for serving the entire Captain’s Cove community with broadband Fiber-to-the-Home.

Additionally, Broadband Connect made a community presentation outlining their plans at the April 17th, 2019, General Manager’s Community meeting.

Broadband Connect LLC (BBC) is a Veteran-owned business, with a management team that has more than four decades of technology systems experience; operating telecommunications, Information Technology (IT), fixed-wireless networks, data centers and computer facilities; and designing, installing, operating and maintaining inside plant fiber/copper/coaxial cable infrastructures; broadband and telephone systems for municipalities, school systems, State, commercial and Government clients throughout the United States. Broadband Connect LLC (BBC) in partnership with Last Mile Broadband of Maryland LLC, Noovis and KCI intends to provide the project management, engineering, installation, operation and maintenance support for all efforts to provide a reliable Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) network and customer-oriented broadband services for the Captain’s Cove Golf & Yacht Club community.

More details about the planning and implementation of the Internet, television and phone service available through BBC will be shared on our website, and you can click the link below to download the May presentation.

Justin Wilder