CONCEPT:  Investors and Developers can own the communications infrastructures of their communities.

WHY:  Historically, such communications networks were designed and deployed by the Incumbent Local Exchange Carrier (ILEC) such as Verizon and/or Multiple System Operator (MSO) like Comcast.  Today though with the advent of Over The Top (OTT) streaming media services such as Hulu and Netflix, these ILECs and MSO’s are being supplanted by private entities because more and more residents are wanting bandwidth rather than triple-play packages.

This paradigm shift now allows for developers and investors to own their own networks and receive recurring revenue on a monthly basis.  Additionally, by now having end-to-end connectivity throughout the community, the developer can begin to further differentiate itself from other communities by providing such amenities as public Wi-Fi, security monitoring and access controls.

How: The fastest and most reliable means to provide broadband to these users is via a 100% fiber-optic infrastructure.  Noovis’, with its unique experience and skillset, is fully qualified to act as your technical representative to design, build and maintain these networks.

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