Noovis prides itself on leading the industry in providing innovative network solutions for clients that have become
restless with the status quo. Our clients have always been those seeking a “better way” and we at Noovis are passionate about doing just that. With Passive Optical Networking (PON) always remaining the core upon which we have built game-changing solutions, we have formed what we believe is the most experienced team of professionals in the industry, bar none.

Often called upon by clients, partners and manufacturers alike to consult on all aspects of PON technology, it
became clear that the industry would benefit from a formal and comprehensive Noovis led training program.
As a result, Noovis has formed its very own Noovis University with classes designed to take network
professionals beyond the fundamentals of optical networking. Using Passive Optical LANs (POLs) as the building
blocks, successful students will not only become educated on the latest technology but will hone their POL
design and implementation skills from the keen insights only experienced professionals can provide.

Passive Optical LAN Class Descriptions

POL 101 – Optical LAN Overview
Prerequisites: None
Duration: 1 Day

The Optical LAN Overview class is designed to provide the industry professional with a solid understanding of the benefits Passive Optical LANs offer over traditional switched Ethernet networks. Lessons cover the history
of Enterprise GPON technology and demonstrate the inherent advantages that are achieved when a proper optical LAN design is implemented.
Classroom discussions will cover the basics of the most common active electronic vendors such as Cisco, Tellabs, and Zhone. Passive components will include an overview of today’s industry leaders including Corning, CommScope, and 3M. Both active and passive component discussions will include hands-on sessions and
provide the foundation for learning design fundamentals.
Students will focus on Key Criteria such as fundamentals of P2P vs P2MP architectures, POL advantages, and Infrastructure options.

POL 102 – Fundamentals of Design I
Prerequisites: POL 101*
Duration: 2 Days

Fundamentals of Design I leads students through a two day class on the basics of developing a POL strategy.
Design considerations will focus on single building projects delivering voice and data services for up to 1,000
Students will focus on Key Criteria such as requirements gathering, detailing designs, infrastructure options, design considerations, testing requirements creating Bills of Material and completing a Cable Run List.

POL 103 – Fundamentals of Design II
Prerequisites: POL 102*
Duration: 2 Days

Building on the core competencies developed in POL 102, this 2 day class will allow students to expand their knowledge base to include developing POL strategies for multiple buildings across small campuses. Discussions
will include inside plant and outside plant requirements gathering, retrofit vs new construction considerations, creating Bills of Material and delivering projects on time and within budget.
Students will focus on Key Criteria such as requirements gathering, campus solutions and integrating POL with other technologies such as Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), building automation, access controls, video surveillance, etc.

NV 111 – Noovis Certified Installer
Prerequisites: POL 101, 102
Duration: 1 Day

The Noovis Certified Installer credential is required* for subcontractors to perform work on Noovis projects.
Classes will cover in detail the expectations of a technician working on Noovis’ behalf in terms of ethics, technical competency, infrastructure documentation, and network testing/troubleshooting.
Successful students will earn approval to place the Noovis Certified Installer™ logo on their business cards and marketing material.
*Authorized subcontracted companies must maintain 2 Noovis certified employees on staff.

POL 201 – Protected Distribution Systems
Prerequisites: POL 103*
Duration: 1 Day

Students will learn the basics of what is required to physically protect networks from outsider threats. Lessons will focus on leveraging the benefits of POLs and creating efficient alarm points to identify malicious activity.
Classes will include discussion on requirements gathering, architecture options and both active and passive components.
Students will focus on Key Criteria such as requirements gathering, traditional Protected Distribution Systems (PDS), alarmed PDS, design fundamentals, and equipment restrictions.

Our Team’s Experience

Throughout their careers, the Noovis leadership team has served in both front line and senior management positions with some of the industry’s largest and most trusted organizations. Specific to Gigabit Passive Optical Networking, Noovis’ combined 70+ years of experience is broad and encompassing.  Some key achievements include:

  • Provided turn-key engineering, design and installation of Erickson Living’s Connect network across three MD communities.  This build-out includes:
    • 127 miles of fiber
    • 4,000 Optical Network Terminals and 2,500 Wireless Access Points
    • Integrated Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS)
    • Now supporting over 20,000 PON Ethernet ports nationwide
  • Providing turn-key design and installation of Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) networks for federal clients
  • Leading a statewide FTTP Capital Management Organization controlling a $200M+ budget to engineer, design and make ready for sales, 230,000 homes annually
  • Creating FTTP Best Practices and driving cost savings initiatives across the Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Engineered, designed and installed the first PON implementation for the Intelligence Community
  • Provided a full turn-key PON solution for the Air National Guard Headquarters and Command Center at Joint Base Andrews
  • Provided the initial Proof of Concept PON test bed for the Dept. of Energy at Sandia National Labs
  • Hosted multiple vendor and industry speaking engagements nationwide
  • Contributed to the BICSI 13th edition of the TDMM providing guidance on Best Practices for Enterprise PON in the industry