Noovis performs CIR test of Tellabs’ Software Release 29

Noovis published its final report on May 27 with the results of a recent CIR (controlled introduction release) test that Noovis performed on Software Release 29 for Tellabs 1131 hardware, a 1RU platform designed for small enterprise POL deployments.  The objective of the test was to provide feedback that will lead to feature enhancements.

“It was a collaborative effort between Tellabs and Noovis.  We are a preferred integrator that Tellabs trusts to provide an informed and unbiased assessment,” said Steve Heuber an engineering manager with Noovis who leads the turnkey network solutions provider’s testing operation.

The tests were designed to provide feedback from a customer’s perspective on the management and provisioning of new features, accuracy of their implementation, and their functionality in terms of existing features that customers are accustomed to, according to Heuber.

“Tellabs was impressed by our commitment to complete the CIR test within 10 days and provide feedback and results within 15 days of the SR29 install,” explained Heuber.  “This was a pretty involved test plan.  I’m proud of our ability to make this happen.  It was comprehensive, accurate and quick.”

“Noovis is one of the most advanced PON integration companies in the industry,” said Charlie Stone, vice president of North America sales for Tellabs. “Their people have an unparalleled level of expertise, decades of experience and a level of competency that helps us to deliver what our clients need today and into the future.”