Noovis establishes the Noovis Annual Scholarship at Stevenson University

Noovis, a leading campus fiber optic and wireless network solutions company based in Hanover, Maryland, today announced a newly formed partnership with Stevenson University based on the establishment of the Noovis Annual Scholarship, to be awarded each academic year to an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in business information systems or computer information systems.

In a written statement, Stevenson University said it was “thrilled to welcome Noovis to Stevenson Partners,” an academic-industry program that supports higher education.

“Noovis is committed to developing and maintaining its local relationships. We are always looking to leverage our success to support the community in any way we can,” said Eric Welty, president of Noovis and a Stevenson University graduate and past adjunct professor. “My time with Stevenson, both as a student and as a member of its faculty, left a lasting impression that made it an easy decision for us to provide an annual undergraduate scholarship. Stevenson University truly invests in the future success of its graduates and Noovis is proud to partner with such a distinguished institution.”

Like many companies in highly technical industries, Noovis sees the value of promoting education, especially in the computer science and information systems fields.

“Many employers are perennially challenged to hire qualified professionals. By partnering with esteemed universities like Stevenson, we are helping to expand the labor pool,” said Welty.